Student organizations

Student organizations

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Sciences Po Lille has roughly 40 associations which allows students to express themselves and engage themselves in large-size projects contributing to the local, national and international image of the shcool. Starting associative projects allows to be confronted to real situations and develop skills in various areas, such as organizing an event, business management, operating a budget, looking for partners, management or creating a communication campaign.


Avenir SPL

Avenir SPL 
is a student collective committed in the school bodies, a non biased, independant and mediatory list, open to dialogue, with ideas for all promotions

Sud Solidaires Étudiant.e.s


SUD (united, unitary and democratic
) SUD is a student union of social transformation that defend the principle of a public, free, democratic, secular, unique and egalitarian University.


Collectif Alter Eco
is an eco-friendly and participative social list for the 2019-2020 Sciences Po Lille Executive board .

La République En Marche

La République En Marche is a student think tank focused on progressive topics. 
France Insoumise Sciences Po Lille

France Insoumise Sciences Po Lille
is an organization that gathers supporters of the France Insoumise party (but also people who aren’t sure about who they want to support) in order to organize debates or conferences linked to the ideas defended by the political party.


Bureau des Internationaux (BDI)


The international student union (039)
aims at facilitating the integration of international students doing a mobility by helping them in their administrative process and by organizing parties or cultural events.



intends to promote and develop the Spanish language as well as Hispanic cultures in Lille so that it will develop and increase exchanges between French and Spanish speakers.


is an organization willing to promote the Arab world and Middle East culture and initiate people to regional geopolitical issues.



is an organization which aims at celebrating Africa and its multiple cultures, its history and its contemporary political issues but also the people that bring them to life.



Munwalk (040)
teaches students to simulation negotiation exercises based on the UNO with the objective to participate to international conferences. It enables students to develop many skills (talking in public, negotiation, uses of English…).

Visions d'Europe


Visions d’Europe (visions of Europe) 
is the organization of thoughts and of concrete projects about Europe and the European Union. With debates, conferences, trips and simulation of the European Parliament, the organization proposes to students to rethink the European citizenship and to express themselves on contemporary issues.



is an organization that organizes events linked to Asian culture and geopolitical actuality.



Bureau des Arts (BDA)


The Arts Office (043)
aims to promote Art and Culture in Sciences Po Lille. The different sections music, musicals, photography, games and “Sciences Popotes” enlighten the art practices in the broad sense and it offers you many events throughout the year.


is a student organization dedicated to the broadcast of contemporary art through the organization of events, exhibitions…


aims to promote analog photography by multiple projects such as creative workshops, conferences, visits about the practical skills of the analog photography.

Le Bec et la Plume


Le Bec et la Plume
aims to promote public speaking throughout debates and rhetoric classes. For exemple it organizes the preselection of the “Prix Mirabeau” and “Prix Victor Hugo”.

Le Moulin à Disques (MAD)

Le Moulin à Disques
aims to make known, unknown musical styles during parties, workshops or conferences.

Les Neveux de Thalie


Les Neveux de Thalie
is willing to promote performing arts at Sciences Po Lille. The organization sets up theater traineeships and creates theater plays regardless of the level of the student.


Bureau des Étudiants (BDE)


The Student’s union (044)
organizes many events to integrates new students and gathering students from all promotions. It offers help to people from different classes to help students in their studies. The organization also participates in solidarity actions through the year.

La Déroute des vins


La Déroute des vins
trains people interested in wine fril its culture, the history of vineyard, varietal wines, oenology to wine testing.



Association Sportive de Sciences Po Lille (AS SPL)


The Sports Office
 organizes the whole sports’practice in Sciences Po as well as events linked to sports (colleges championships, Criterium between the different Sciences Po).


Information - Communication

La Manufacture


La Manufacture
is the online magazine of Sciences Po Lille, careful and sensitive to the plurality of expressions. There, you will find the actualities of the School, the metropole as well as the region Hauts-de-France. The whole thing with quality, serious and a bit of lightness true to our youth.

Le Jeu de l'Oie


Le Jeu de l’Oie
participates in the development of the international relations’ field of study in Sciences Po Lille, especially through the publication of a journal for its students and teachers.


Sciences Po Lille TV


Sciences Po Lille TV
is the Web TV of Sciences Po Lille by the students for the student community… And the whole Sciences Po community. It produces reports, organizes debates, realizes interviews (serious or fun) on culture, sport, actuality or life in Lille…




is a solidary association which aims to fight against social exclusion in Lille and its area by supporting them in their reinsertion in the society. It organizes many projects targeting a maximum of people (immigrants, refugees, roms, homeless, people with disabilities…).



is willing to give life to refugees’ professional objectives and help them in their entry into the professional world by an individualized follow-up. EachOne has established an intensive, free certified teaching program.



Sciences Po Lille Junior Conseil


Sciences Po Lille Junior Conseil
enables students to put into practice what they learn in Sciences Po Lille by doing surveys or remunerated reports for institutions, companies or associations.



Antenne Jeunes d'Amnesty International


L'Antenne Jeunes d'Amnesty International
vise à réunir des étudiantes et des étudiants désireux de défendre les droits de l'homme et le respect de la Déclaration universelle des droits humains.

Bon Chic Bon Genre


Bon Chic Bon Genre (BCBG)
is a student think tank on gender, sexualities and feminism. It gathers students in their conviction in a common fight between LGBTQIA +and feminists causes in an inclusive and intersectional perspective.



L'Arène de Sciences Po Lille


L’Arène de Sciences Po Lille
offers a space of freedom of expression open to every student in Sciences Po and elsewhere. It invites personalities in order to debate and discuss on political topics.



L'Association de Santé Publique de Sciences Po Lille

The Public Health Organization
of Sciences Po Lille aims at raising awareness and teaching students in Sciences Po Lille the first aid practices ( a certification is delivered upon completion).

La Pédale Palienne


La Pédale Palienne
vise à promouvoir l'utilisation de la bicyclette par l'organisation de balades urbaines et champêtres mais également en proposant des réparations ou rénovations à Sciences Po Lille.

La Ruche


La Ruche
is a federation of organizations willing to make concrete actions on environmental preservation, awareness and develops exchanges on alternative socialities in Sciences Po Lille and the whole Lille metropole.

Les Ch'tis Paniers Bio


Les Ch'tis Paniers Bio
wishes to raise awareness and promote a seasonal and local organic farming in Sciences Po Lille. It offers to the school community with a box of organic vegetables.

Homo Ecolorictus


Homo Ecolorictus
aims at redefining ecology as a new form of common happiness in a society lacking of common references.


L'Association des diplômés


Sciences Po Lille alumni association gathers all of the school’s former students since 1991. It promotes a spirit of solidarity between the alumnis and students of Sciences Po lille. It organizes meetings on a regular basis between alumni and students which facilitates the entry into worklife. It also co organizes events that contribute to the alumni network (graduation ceremony, school anniversaries…)